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Who are you calling to help with your existing garage door?

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When you need your garage door repaired in Tucson and surrounding areas (including Marana, Oro Valley and Saddlebrooke), you want to make sure you're calling an experienced professional who specializes in repairs, not sales of replacement doors. Someone that you can trust to not only do the job right, but to be honest with you about what is wrong and what it will cost to get things working again.

Garage Door Repair Work by "Tucson John's" Garage Doors

  • Garage Door Spring Replacement
  • Complete Door Rebuild
  • Track Repair / Replacement
  • Garage Door Opener Installation
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Roller Repair / Replacement
  • Door Rebalancing
  • Fixing Noisy Doors

Finding someone good to fix your garage door sounds simple enough, but since you probably don't discuss this kind of repair work every day with your friends and neighbors, it can be hard to figure out who you should call, especially when you have so many choices.

With over 30 years in the business of installing and repairing garage doors and door openers, replacing torsion springs, door panels, rollers and bent overhead door tracks, I can tell you that not many technicians in Tucson, Arizona are going to have more experience than me. And because I run such a small, tight operation (it's mostly just me, John the owner, who does the work), I can tell you that you aren't likely to find a better price from any other garage door repair service in town either.

What you won't get when you hire John's Garage Door Repair is a big, fancy truck with my company name and logo wrapped all around it (OK, maybe just on the tailgate!) You won't see my name on TV or up on billboards all around the Tucson area either.

You also won't get a commissioned sales person giving you a quote on the work that needs to be done.

What you WILL get is a timely arrival in a truck with plenty of parts stocked on it so that most any job gets completed in a single visit.  You'll also get fair prices (though compared to what some of these big garage door companies charge, you might wonder if they can say the same thing...)

Being a locally owned and operated small business, and because my name and reputation are the driving forces behind keeping my business going, my focus is on delivering value to my customers. Through good, honest work and positive word-of-mouth referrals, I'm happy to say I have a successful business.

So if you or anyone you know needs their garage door serviced, whether it's routine maintenance, sudden and unexpected broken garage door springs, time for a new electric garage door opener, or even a sectional panel that got "bumped" one too many times by the car.. call me and I'll be more than happy to give you a free estimate.

I'm confident that a single service call to John's Tucson garage door repair service will be the only call you'll need to make to get your garage door working again.

Troubleshooting Garage Door Problems

Not all garage door problems are a big deal.  There are times when a bit of knowledge and understanding of what's going on is all it takes to figure out how to get things working again.  The video below helps explain and illustrate some of these common issues and might help you.  

But remember, if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to call John's Garage Doors and we'll be happy to come out to help with any repair or repairs, anywhere in the greater Tucson area.

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Video Transcript

hi my name is Adam and hopefully in this video I'm going to help you fix your garage door opener here you can see the garage door is going down and something happens and it comes right back up now this will occur on and off sometimes it will close sometimes we'll go down further but it comes back up here's what a photosensor looks like you have one on the left and right down at the bottom of the door and you know that when you walk through your garage door when you break the beam a light that shoots across the garage thinks there's something in the way and it opens back up the second thing you can check for is to make sure the photo sensors are aligned it should be pointing straight across to the other sensor all you have to do is tilt it by hand if the wing nuts loose you can tighten that now another weights can be misaligned normally supposed to run straight that way but often if something kicks it or something like that it can be pointed into the garage like this so just bend it back make sure it's going straight across sometimes the problem is the sunlight at certain times of the day can be shining in the sensor so if you put your hand over it and cover it so it's in the shadow then try to close your garage door see if that works now if this was your problem you can put some sort of advisor or shield over the photosensor tape something to it to block the Sun from shining right on it while you're here you might want to clean the lens too if those things didn't help you then you need to look at the track itself now this is what it should look like it's nice and clean and you can see here on this screw this is what it should look like one of the rollers is scraping against the screw that means these rollers are too tight against the track there's not enough room so when the garage door starts to go down it pinches it it gets too much resistance and the door goes back up the roller should be loose and able to move you can see how much space there is you can see like going in between the track and the wall of the track and that's what you want the roller should be able to move fairly free so if the rollers are rubbing up against the track all you have to do is loosen the bracket with a wrench pull the track out so it's not pinching against the roller and tighten it that's really all it is should only take a few seconds so hopefully one of these three things has helped you if so please click like and subscribe and I'll make a lot more videos thanks for watching have an awesome day. These are the kinds of residential garage door service repairs that you don't necessarily need a garage door company to do for you. Basic maintenance is one thing, complete replacement or dealing with other problems is another story. If your door isn't closed properly, or won't open, it's worth finding a local company in the metro Tucson, Arizona area that has a lot of 5 stars ratings to check it out for you. Overhead doors can definitely be tricky to deal with, and it's a critical part of your home. Don't let a small problem become a big cost. Professional garage door repair services like John's Garage Doors repair is here for you. For the best in residential garage door repair service and maintenance for your home, as well as installtion of openers done right, John's Garage Doors is highly rated and services the entire metro Tucson, AZ area and has lots of reviews with 5 stars. The company is small by design, keeping costs low and passing the discount on to you. Their website offers lots of good advice, too.

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