Tucson Garage Door Repair During COVID-19

  • March 26, 2020

Tucson Garage Door Repair Company States They Will Be Open During the Current Crisis

A well-known Tucson Garage Door Repair service, John’s Garage Doors, has been asked several times by customers if they will still be doing their regular business of garage door repair in Tucson with the threat of the recent virus outbreak all around. The answer to that question was an emphatic yes because those at the company realize how important it is for Tucson residents to have a properly working garage door. They have taken the past week to get organized and figure out how best to proceed with helping their customers while at the same time keeping them and the company’s employees safe. The business will be back in full operation and conducting business starting 3/22/20.

Company owner, John Mucciacciaro, had this heartfelt message to his customers, “We are all going through challenging times and we should all stay home as much as possible. However, not being able to get your car out of your garage when you need to get to the store or a medical appointment is unacceptable. We understand that and are here to help our neighbors when in need. If you have a garage door emergency, please call us. We will do what we can to help you as soon as possible. Together, we will get through this. Thanks. John.”

Mucciacciaro admitted that like many Americans dealing with a new ‘hidden enemy’ he was not sure how best to go about running the business. He says that the unknown nature of the virus is definitely a cause for concern. He felt he had no choice but to pause business for a few days. This gave him time to listen to the experts give guidance to businesses on how they could still get their work done without risking spreading the virus even further. The company owner pledged that the safety of employees and customers will still be the top priority going forward as it always has been with his company.

The company owner says that at the same time he also realizes that garage doors play an important role in home security and the ability of homeowners to access their homes easily. He says doctors and nurses cannot afford to have their vehicles stuck behind broken garage doors and the same goes for people who need to go out to buy critical supplies. If someone needs to get to a doctor’s appointment or is scheduled to get tested, Mucciacciaro says they should not have to worry about their ill-working garage door keeping them from doing these things.

Mucciacciaro did go on to say there will be some changes in how the company conducts its business. This mostly has to do with keeping everyone safe. The company owner says that his favorite part of the business has always been meeting and greeting his customers and getting to know them a little. He sadly admits that those types of interactions will have to change during the current virus threat. Greetings must be done at a safe distance and he prefers that cash not be exchanged after the completion of a job because of the virus’s ability to survive on paper bills for a long period of time. In fact, Mucciaciaro has been working with other local Tucson businesses to figure out how to move forward during these times to keep everyone – business owners and customers alike – as safe as possible.

He says other than those few minor differences, people can expect to get the same great services from them. This will include regularly scheduled garage door service appointments and emergency garage door service calls. Mucciacciaro says that they will still offer their full range of services too. That includes doing track adjustments, safe spring repair, and even complete garage door opener replacements.

The company owner says they have always put an emphasis on combining quality work with great customer service and that will not change now either. This 5 out of 5-star Google Review from Cynthia McCafferty backs that statement up as she says, “Great experience! John arrived promptly and provided excellent service. He fixed only what was necessary but offered options if I wanted more. He worked quickly and made sure everything worked properly before he left. He was easy to communicate with and the price was reasonable.”

Mucciacciaro welcomes those who have questions about the company’s operating hours or how they are conducting their work during the current crisis to contact him by phone for a prompt reply.