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Which of the 2 Kinds of Garage Doors Do You Have?

There are 2 kinds of garage doors - those that need a repair or service right away, and those that will need a repair or service in the future. When your garage door, or garage door opener, isn’t working the way you want it to, instead of getting frustrated trying to do the repairs yourself, call a reliable professional that specializes in garage door repair - Tucson counts on John's Garage Door Repair! 

For Garage Door Repair Work "Tucson John's" Garage Doors is #1

  • Garage Door Spring Replacement
  • Complete Door Rebuild
  • Track Repair / Replacement
  • Garage Door Opener Installation
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Roller Repair / Replacement
  • Door Rebalancing
  • Fixing Noisy Doors

Repair or Replacement?  Check Your Options

When you understand that most things on a garage door can be fixed by a knowledgeable service tech, wouldn’t you rather see if you can get more life out of your existing door rather than spending money on a brand new one if it isn’t necessary?  

At the same time, because at John’s, we know when a door has truly reached the end of its’ useful lifespan and repairing it doesn’t make any sense, if we tell you that you’re better off buying a new door, it’s not because we’re trying to sell you one.  We don’t do new doors!

We Can Fix Almost Any Broken Garage Door Problem

But we have seen just about every possible problem you can imagine with things going wrong with an overhead door - tracks, springs, hinges, rollers, cables and openers of all kinds, we know that we can usually fix it for less than the cost of a new door.  Just have a look at the reviews that happy customers have left us - many talk about how great their old door is working now, how quickly we were able to fix it, and how affordable it was compared to what they were expecting. 

Why Did Your Garage Door Fail?

The thing with residential garage doors is they are big, heavy, important mechanical systems that many people just take for granted to get in and out of their home every day, and to keep their cars and other valuables safe.  When you realize that a garage door may weigh anywhere from 200 to 500 pounds or more, and that they’re going up and down so often, eventually these mechanical parts are going to simply break.  

Garage Door Springs Service

Take your garage door springs for example. They are the actual ‘muscle’ that lifts and lowers your heavy garage door under control through torsion (hence why they are referred to as “torsion springs”).  They are tightly wound around the shaft above your door (on a standard torsion spring garage door set up, which is mostly what you’ll find in and around Tucson).  As the door is lifted, the spring unwinds, helping lift the door so your garage door opener motor (or you, if you are lifting it manually), don’t have to work very hard.  As the door comes down to close, the weight re-winds the spring, creating tension (torsion), so that it not only comes down under control, but the spring is again wound up and ready to lift.  

Springs Work Hard as Your Door’s Muscle

Imaging that metal spring, winding and unwinding, time after time, lifting hundreds of pounds… eventually the metal fatigues and will just break.  That’s when it’s time for a spring replacement. 

On many doors, you’ll actually have 2 springs on the shaft, but only one will break (it’s rare that they both break at the same time).  Customers sometimes ask if they can just replace the one broken spring to save some money.  We can tell you right now that is not a good idea, and no reputable garage door service company should allow that.  

Two Springs for Safety for Your Tucson Garage Door Repair

Not because they’re trying to make a bigger sale, but because the other spring WILL break eventually, and it’ll cost you more in the long run to have someone come out twice rather than replacing something that is surely going to fail soon.  

Secondly, it’s simply not safe to ask a technician to wind up a spring which could very easily break in the middle of their repair work.  With the tremendous amount of tension these springs are under, it’s critical to take every safety precaution.  People have been seriously injured and even killed working on garage door springs.  Avoiding these kinds of injury are also why we always suggest you have a professional with the appropriate knowledge, skills and tools to perform garage door repairs, and why we don’t recommend it as a DIY project.

Residential Garage Door Service Done Right

So at John’s, we do the job and we do it right, at a fair price.  If you have a broken garage door spring on a door with 2 springs, we will replace them both.  

Other Garage Door Problems

Of course there are dozens of other parts that can (and will, eventually) fail on a garage door.  Rollers wear out making your door louder than it needs to be.  

Hinges get tight or come apart and cables get frayed.  

Garage door panels start to weaken and sag when the door is in the open position. This can be particularly dangerous because if they sag too much, they will simply come detached from the tracks and can come crashing down on a person, pet or vehicle.  

And all of that happens through normal wear and tear.  There are also the ‘driver error’ issues such as slightly damaged door panels or tracks that can often be repaired by a well trained technician with the right skill set.  

Just so you know, here at John’s Garage Doors, we are that professional, well trained technician who does great work at a fair price.  Let us help you, like we have so many others who needed garage door repair Tucson, Arizona.

We Service Garage Door Openers, Too

We also sell and install new garage door openers.  While we can do some service on some garage door openers, because of the technology and circuitry inside, oftentimes when they stop working, it is best to simply replace them.  

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