Reaching Out to Oro Valley

  • January 20, 2017

I’ve been getting some help with getting the word out about my new site and had a video created that you can see below.  Would love to hear your thoughts on it, and would really love it if you shared it with friends, family, neighbors, coworkers or anyone you may know that needs help with their garage door in Oro Valley or surrounding areas and wants to save some money.

We’ve had another video created to help clarify some of the things that you should look for when hiring a garage door repair company, whether it be in Oro Valley or anywhere (or even if it isn’t related to garage doors).  You can see it by following the link above.  We hope you find it helpful.

In other news here in Arizona related to saving money, here’s a bit of interesting information that may be helpful to you too.  I know I’ll be seeing what comes from it…

Ever bought milk in Arizona? You have some money coming your way Arizonan who bought milk in the past 14 years is eligible to get a little money back.

Arizona is one of 15 states (and the District of Columbia) involved in a class action lawsuit against milk producers.

The lawsuit accused milk producers of price-fixing. Instead of taking the case to court, the producers settled the case for $52 million.

To be part of the settlement, you have to live in one of the 15 states and have bought a milk product (milk, half and half, cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt or cream) at a grocery store or other retailer.

How much money you get back depends on how many people enter the pool to receive benefits. Estimates suggest individuals will receive between $45-70.

You must fill out a form before Jan. 31 in order to be eligible for the money. You can find that form HERE. Via


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