Oro Valley Happenings

  • February 12, 2017

How’s it going neighbors?  I hope you’re all enjoying this incredible weather we’ve been having.  Can you believe we’re still in the first half of February?!?! With all the driving around I do, it’s great to see so many of you out and about taking advantage of it – I know we are as much as possible.

Speaking of driving around, I hope you’re all being extra diligent about not using your cell phones while you’re driving in Oro Valley.  I also hope those of you that call me for garage door service understand that I may not be picking up the phone right away – not because I don’t want to talk to you and help you with your garage door problems, but most likely because I’m driving and need to wait until I get someplace to be able to call you back.  I do so as quickly as I can, so please make sure you leave a message with your name and phone number you want me to call you back at.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the new changes, but just in case…

‘Hands free’ in Oro Valley one month report

http://www.tucsonnewsnow.com/story/34470895/hands-free-in-oro-valley-one-month-reportThe Oro Valley hands free ordinance began about a month ago, and the Oro Valley Police Department says it has helped change driver behavior in the community. So far OVPD officers have stopped 400 drivers for not following the ordinance.

The ordinance says drivers are not allowed to hold a cellular phone or other electronic device while driving a car. This also applies to drivers that are stopped at a red light. When things began in January, traffic officer were making numerous stops for driver violating the law. But now a month in, thing have improved. Police say, they’re seeing less and less people with their phone in their hands. Right now, OVPD officers are not issuing tickets to drivers that break the law.

OVPD officials say the next several months will be treated as an education and prevention period. Via tucsonnewsnow.com

A few cool things going on here in OV these days.  Hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy!