Helping Our Saddlebrooke Neighbors with Garage Door Problems

  • January 15, 2017

While I gladly service all of the Tucson area, I like to make sure the good folks up in the Northwest part of town know that I actually live near them, and so am readily available.  In fact, I just had the following video created to reach out to our neighbors in Saddlebrooke who may need some garage door help.  I hope you like it, and while I don’t wish a broken garage door upon anyone, I do hope you’ll remember to give me a call if you have any issues at all.

New Year Inspiration from Tucson’s Garage Door Guy

  • January 10, 2017

Well, it may not be “inspiration” the way you might normally think of it (but hey, it’s coming from Tucson’s garage door guy – cut me some slack!…), but for those people who are considering doing a bit of home renovation, I did come across some great info you might find useful.

I guess it’s because I see so many garages that people often ask me about ideas for converting them, or other parts of their house, into additional living space.  I’ve done a bit of home DIY stuff, but I’m no expert.  I do like to see what others do though, both in person and through articles like the one below.  Maybe those of you thinking of expanding your home, or just remodeling a bit, can get some inspiration from what can be done with not all the much space, at least when it comes to bathrooms.

15 Fabulous Design Ideas For Small Bathrooms use small bathrooms for most part of our lives and are totally aware of the frustration which arises due to the space constraint—in respect to its usability or design. But now, you’re in for a surprise.

Here are some amazing ideas to renovate your small size bathroom today in the most stylish way. In fact, the ideas below make you wonder how can one get luxury along with optimum space utilisation without emptying your pockets.

The bathroom in the image is the perfect example of ideal space utilization and in the most fashionable way. The earthy look through the brown tiles and washbasin blend beautifully with the white bathtub, making a soothing look.

Instead of painting the bathroom in different colors or textures, consider keeping the walls white like in the picture, and spray some colours through tiling. This gives a quirky look to the space along with keeping it classic and evergreen.  read more at

OK, so I’m new to this whole “blogging” thing, and a term I’ve read about is called “click bait”… as in, if you were looking for “inspiration” and you saw the title of this post, maybe you were looking for something a bit more meaningful than small bathroom designs!

If that’s the case, first of all, I apologize… and I hope that this other story that I came across makes up for it.  For me, it really was inspiring to see so many people come together here in Tucson, especially considering how tense the general atmosphere has been these past few months.  I sincerely hope others appreciate this as much as I did.

Human Embrace Event draws 2,000 people

Sunday, 2,000 community members arrived at Hi Corbett Field to be a part of this year’s Human Embrace Event.

Sunday marked the six-year anniversary of the January 8, 2011 mass shooting that left six people dead and 13 others wounded, including former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

People were asked to wear a white shirt and form the Human Embrace symbol.

Survivor, Pam Simon, was in attendance.

“Six years ago I was being rushed to UMC hospital,” said Simon. “The bullet went clear through my body chipping all the ribs but not hitting my liver, lungs or anything else. The doctors said it was truly a miracle.”

Simon said the Tucson community is unique.

“It was the way we supported not only the survivors and the families of victims, but how we supported each other,” said Simon.  Via

We can accomplish so much when we all pull together.  We must always remember that.

And don’t forget that if your garage door isn’t pulling its weight, or you have any other kind of garage door problems, don’t hesitate to give me, Tucson John, a call! (520) 989-0381

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Opening Doors (and Closing Them) Around Tucson in 2017

  • January 4, 2017

I would like to extend warm and sincere Happy New Year wishes to all of Tucson and surrounding communities that I service, hoping that 2017 brings you and your families all good things.

With that being said, we all know that unfortunately, “things” break down from time to time, so if or when you find your own garage door not working as it should, I hope you’ll consider giving me a call.  I’ll be more than happy to get things working again like it should, and I can do it at a very affordable cost, too.

I’ve been fortunate to already help quite a few people in the Old Pueblo, and this year my goal is to help even more of you to have safe, functional garage doors without costing your a fortune.  To that end I’ve even decided to step up my game a bit and had this new website put together in hopes of reaching more of you.  It has only just ‘hatched’ (is that what a website does?), but the plans are to establish a much stronger online presence so you can easily find me when you need me.  And so that you and your neighbors will think, “John’s Garage Door Repair” when you have any questions or issues with your garage doors.

To keep in touch, I’ll also be keeping an eye out for different things that might be of interest to you, my customers.  This may be events coming to Tucson, Marana, Oro Valley or Saddlebrooke, or maybe just some interesting, thought provoking articles.  I tend to be drawn to things having to do with repairs around the house, but with a bit of help from some other good folks, you might find a variety of things popping up here on our blog!

In fact, here in our first post I’d like to share something that I hope many of you will not only enjoy, but take advantage of before the window (garage door?) of opportunity closes:

Tucsonans can get discount Spring Training tickets

Tucson residents can receive 50 percent off Diamondback Spring Training tickets Friday.

The offer will take place from 9 a.m. until midnight for all 2017 Spring Training games at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick.

Go to use 17LEGACY and your Tucson zip code when purchasing the tickets online. The promotion is good for up to eight tickets per account in select sections.

The D-backs open their 20th Spring Training on Feb. 22 at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick with a game against Grand Canyon University.

I know I’ll be doing my best to get out to some of these games… hope you make it too!

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