John’s Garage Door Repair Service Gets Five Star Review

  • June 9, 2019

John’s Garage Doors, based in Tucson, Arizona, has announced with pride that they have received yet another five star review for their garage door service. On their Google Maps page, Eric S. expressed his deep appreciation for the service that John Mucciacciaro, the owner of the company, had provided them. Eric is the friend of an elderly homeowner who was told by another company that his garage door was “un-fixable” and that he would have to get a new garage door. To their surprise, John told them that he could fix the garage door and he did, for a fraction of the price of a new door.

John Mucciacciaro himself says, “It was really an honor to help people like Eric and the elderly homeowner and I sincerely appreciate their kind words and their taking the time to provide our company with a five star review. I do try hard, and kind folks like Eric who appreciate it and share their experiences with others is what keeps me and my business going.”

Garage Door Repair Tucson John gets another stellar reviewIn his review, Eric S. said, “John’s Garage Doors is a throwback to a bygone era, where people were honest and took pride in their work. An understanding that life is more than the pursuit of the all-mighty-buck is a refreshing attribute that is increasingly hard to find. Our friend, who is older, miscalculated the height of his opening door, and made a few unplanned “adjustments” to his garage door. Several other garage door folks came out and declared it a total loss, quoting him more than he could afford. We looked for the cheapest solution to the replacement, but it was still more than he could really afford. By absolute coincidence or divine intervention, John’s Doors got involved and resolved the situation. What a wonderful man! I only wish that all businesses operated under the principles that John’s Doors obviously hold dear. Bless you Sir, you now have three new customers.”

John explains that his overhead is relatively low and he doesn’t have to pay commissions to sales people. That is why he is able to offer substantially lower prices compared to those offered by large companies. He is capable of doing various kinds of repair work. These include garage door spring replacement, complete door rebuild, track repair or replacement, garage door opener installation, routine maintenance, roller repair or replacement, door rebalancing, and fixing of noisy doors.

One of the key services provided by John’s Garage Doors is garage door spring repair. John points out that a broken garage door spring should not be ignored but instead should be fixed as soon as possible. Customers are often curious as to whether they can do the fixing of the broken garage door spring themselves but John warns that it would not be a good idea. This is because it can be very dangerous for a person who is not experienced and knowledgeable about the safe handling of the spring. Garage door springs are usually under extreme tension and can cause severe injury.

Another part of a garage door that often fails is the garage door opener. John points out that while most people believe that they will need to buy a replacement for the automatic door opener once it stops working normally, sometimes the opener isn’t the actual problem. He is committed to informing customers about their options when a door isn’t opening or closing properly and will never push a new opener if the actual problem is something simpler and less costly like new rollers or some basic door maintenance.

John has been repairing garage doors for more than 25 years around the country, but has chosen to settle here, offering Tucson and surrounding areas his services for nearly a decade. His company can also perform the installation of new garage door openers and is capable of handling all types of residential garage doors. However, they specialize in repairing garage doors and can fix most problems. Their immediate service areas are Oro Valley, Saddlebrooke, and Marana but also help customers throughout the Tucson area..

Those who are interested in garage door repair or new garage door opener installation in Tucson and nearby areas may want to visit their website or call John directly on the phone. When you call John’s Garage Doors, you’ll talk with John on the phone and John will be there to do the repair work himself.

more 5 star reviews for John's Garage Door Repair Tucson

Garage Door Repair In Tucson Gets Another Five Star Review

  • January 8, 2019

John’s Garage Doors, based in Tucson, AZ, has announced with pride that they have received yet another five star review on their Google Maps page. The company is a garage door supplier and garage door repair and service in Tucson and surrounding areas.

John Mucciacciaro, the owner and operator of John’s Garage Door Repair in Tucson, says, “I’m happy to announce that the garage door repair service that I’ve been providing has received yet another rave review. I’m really glad that the customer had been completely satisfied with the service I have provided.”

more 5 star reviews for John's Garage Door Repair TucsonPat L. gave the company five stars and said, “John does a great job at reasonable prices. He arrives on time, explains the work to be done, and the cost. He is my go to for my home and for rental houses. Excellent work and reliability. I recommend him to friends without reserve.”

John’s Garage Doors is used to receiving positive customer reviews as evidenced by its overall rating of 4.9, which means that most of the reviews it has received are five stars. For instance, William B. gave the company five stars and said, “We have been very pleased with the service we’ve received from John. Another company had told us that we needed to replace our door and springs which would have been expensive. John had a different opinion about what needed to be fixed and it cost us much less. The door is still working well 6 months later. Recently we called him on another issue that turned out to be not serious and he didn’t charge us for the service call. Great guy!”

On the website of the Tucson garage door repair company, there are various articles designed to help homeowners with regards to their problems regarding their garage doors. For example, there is the case when the garage door is not operating properly. This could be a serious issue especially for homeowners who are using their garage door as the main entrance to their home and cars. The article explains that there could a number of reasons why the garage door is not working properly, such as the malfunctioning of the door opener or a broken door spring. Troubleshooting and repairing the malfunctioning part will require special knowledge and experience that is why John’s Garage Doors is ready to provide such services.

John points out that the service trucks of the company are fully stocked with all makes and models for garage doors and openers. John’s Garage Doors is ready to help homeowners, especially those who have very busy days, so that they need no longer worry about their garage door not functioning properly.

Another common issue with regards to garage doors has to do with the garage door springs. Since these steel springs are subjected to tremendous force whenever the door is opened or closed, there will come a time when metal fatigue finally sets in and the spring breaks. For such situations, John’s Garage Doors is ready with Made in USA steel springs to replace the broken ones to make sure the garage door will be working properly again.

One thing that John Mucciacciaro takes great pride in is that he will always inform the homeowner if all the garage door needs is repair and not a replacement. This means that homeowners are guaranteed that they will spend the least amount of money required to have their garage door working again.

John’s Garage Doors is a one man operation by owner and operator John Mucciacciaro. He explains that he handles all the repair work required and he will always offer the best price and the best possible service for garage doors, such as openers, springs, tracks and rollers, and repairs and maintenance in Tucson, Oro Valley and Marana.

Those who need more information on the garage door repair service being provided can visit the company website at or call them by phone. Business hours are from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Mondays to Saturdays.

Garage Door Repair Service in Oro Valley AZ Receives Five Star Review

  • September 23, 2018

John’s Garage Doors, a garage door repair company serving Oro Valley, Marana and Tucson, AZ has announced they have received a 5 star review on Google Maps.  The company has been serving the greater Tucson area for over seven years, but recently focused on updating its Google Maps page so that customers could more easily determine the areas they service.  They noted that they are pleased to have another venue where customers can publicly share their experiences.

In the most recent 5 star review, customer Vicky DiNicola said, “I was overwhelmed with the responsiveness of this team…  Not only were they here on time but they gave us very reasonable prices and rebuilt our entire assembly…Very professional and reasonable prices. Can’t say enough about their responsiveness and professionalism. Highly recommend this company for any and all garage door problems.”  

In response to the favorable review, the company responded publicly by saying, “Thank you so much Vicky, we really appreciate your kind words and the fact that you took the time to write them. It really means a lot to our business as we don’t spend money on advertising, so these kinds of reviews really help us keep our prices low and the phone ringing. We’re glad you have your old garage door working well again.”

When asked if this kind of interaction with customers was typical, John Mucciacciaro, owner/operator of John’s Garage Doors said that he makes every effort to make it so.  He explained that from his personalized website where customers see and learn a bit about not just his garage door repair business, but about him and his family, to the fact that he personally answers the phone and is the one that does the work, he strives to deliver exceptional personal customer service along with high quality garage door repairs.  

John - Owner of John's Garage DoorsMucciacciaro explained that he understands the stress caused by a malfunctioning garage door.  It’s the kind of problem that can cause someone to have their cars stuck inside the garage, unable to go about their daily business.  Or, when a door won’t close properly, it can mean that the contents of the garage, and maybe even the home itself, are at risk. No matter what the situation is, he wants to put people’s minds at ease that he can help them get things working again, and it won’t cost them a small fortune.

From the growing list of positive reviews that can be seen on both Google and on Yelp, it seems that Mr. Mucciacciaro has found a winning formula. There seems to be a consistent theme among the many customers’ reviews – quality work at a fair price with friendly, personal service.

What’s Happening Tucson?

  • September 8, 2017

Whether the weather is warming up, cooling down, storming or crusin’, it’s inevitable that “stuff” happens to your garage door, and it’s usually at the most inconvenient time for you.  It’s just kind of “Murphy’s Law of Garage Door Problems” I guess…  The good news is you can always call me, John, of John’s Garage Door Repair.  I’ll take your call and find the best, soonest time to come out to get you fixed up so you can get back to enjoying your life and all the good things going on around Tucson these days.

Speaking of what’s happening around town, it looks like we’re getting a little bit of a break with the temps here this weekend.  Lower temps are always welcome this time of year.

Tucson weather: Cooler temps and storm activity expected this weekend clouds loom near Redington Pass as seen from near the Agua Caliente Trailhead northeast of the city. Photo taken Wednesday, July 1, 2015, in Tucson, Ariz. Photo by Mike Christy / Arizona Daily Star

An increase of moisture in the area will bring scattered storms to the west of Tucson this afternoon and evening. Some of the storms could become quite strong, with damaging thunderstorm winds as the main concern.

While today’s high temperatures are expected to be in the low-100s, a short reprieve from the heat is coming this weekend, along with increased chances of storm activity Saturday and Sunday. Via

That’s good news, and hopefully you and yours can get out to enjoy some good times around Tucson this weekend.  Here’s a few things to consider, and an easy way to find out more:

Ten cool things to do in Tucson this weekend (Sept. 8-Sept. 10) could get out and have an exciting weekend.

The 13th annual Bisbee Blues Festival will bring heaps of blues music to Old Bisbee through the weekend, complete with a Friday night concert at the Bisbee Royale and the main event at City Park, 62 Brewery Ave., on Saturday night.

Some of the big acts featured at the main concert include Moreland and Arbuckle, guitarist Toronzo Cannon, Train Wreck, the Mike Eldred Trio and Cat Daddy and the 12 Barz Blues Band.

The music begins at 1 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets are on sale at all Zia Records locations in Tucson and Phoenix. More information can be found here.

Tucson singer-songwriter-classical composer Chris Black will perform nearly every track of his new CD “Lullabies & Nightmares: Chamber Music, Vol. 1” on Friday, Sept. 8.

And he and his band of classically trained musicians will do it in a place that’s used to loud, crunchy guitars and deafening percussion.

Black and company will unplug and unwind when they hit the stage at 191 Toole downtown, a small space that normally hosts rock acts. read more at

Getting out is great, but if you’re planning on heading for more of a ‘wilderness’ outing, like a hike… don’t forget we live amongst some serious wildlife.  Check out these recent stories from our neck of the woods (or cactus, as the case may be…)

Bear charged at hikers in Madera Canyon, Arizona Game and Fish warns officials are warning visitors to be “bear aware” in the Madera Canyon area, after a hiker was charged by a young bear Sunday morning.

At about 7 a.m. Monday, a bear charged a hiker about two miles up the Super Trail, according to a tweet from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Officials said the bear got within 10 feet of the hiker.

The bear was described as being young and light in color. Bear charged at hikers in Madera Canyon, Arizona Game and Fish warns | Local news |

Like they used to say on “Hillstreet Blues”… Let’s be careful out there!

What’s Hot – Tucson Garage Doors in June

  • June 11, 2017

It’s been a little while since we published anything here, but only because we’ve been busy out helping our friends and neighbors around Tucson, Marana and Oro Valley with their garage doors!

The summer is certainly kicking in, and this upcoming week we’ll be feeling it for sure with temperatures expected to get well over 100 degrees. I’ve even heard some predictions of around 110 by the end of the week!… No matter what the thermostat says, I hope you’re all managing to stay cool and hydrated. And don’t forget to make sure your pets have extra water too! This is the time of year I dread hearing about pets who needlessly suffer from exposure to the heat. Please, take care of them.

Off my soapbox now, and on to share bits and pieces of news from right around the Old Pueblo that I’ve had great discussions about with recent customers. I figured I might as well share some of them here, too.

This first story is one that I hope gets the recognition it deserves, completely apart from any politics. Politics has no part in this story – it’s about a hard working, intelligent person committed to her community who was the victim of senseless violence. Whether you agree or disagree with her political beliefs, or those of the people mentioned in this article, has no bearing on the sacrifice she made or the respect she deserves. I hope you agree with me on that point.

Navy Ship Named For Gun Violence Survivor Gabrielle Giffords Commissioned U.S. Navy on Saturday commissioned a warship named for former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), making it the third Navy ship ever to be named after a living woman.

Giffords resigned her House seat in 2012 after surviving an assassination attempt at a grocery story in Tucson, Arizona. Then-Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus contacted Giffords that day to tell her that a warship would be named in her honor. The 418-foot littoral combat ship was built in Mobile, Alabama, and christened by Dr. Jill Biden in 2015.

“Indeed throughout the world, and throughout America, there isn’t a name more universally loved, more admired, more respected than the name of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords,” Pelosi said.

“It’s designed to be agile, quick to adapt, able to swiftly maneuver in the roughest of waters,” Clinton said of the ship. “Every moment of every day that the sailors who man this ship are given the great privilege of defending our country, they only have to look toward this ship’s namesake.”

Giffords called the commissioning “an incredible honor,” and thanked members of the military for their service.

“The U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords is strong and tough, just like her crew,” she said. “I thought of you in my darkest days. We ask so much of you. Despite danger, you say yes. You make me proud, you make America proud. I will never forget this day or the crew of the U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords.” Read more…

And in Marana, we saw more news about the good folks that help protect and defend us on a daily basis.

Town of Marana broke ground on a new police HQ

MARANA, Ariz.(KGUN9-TV) – After three years of waiting, Marana Police are getting a new police headquarters.

The Town of Marana broke ground on the new building Wednesday morning, according to a press release from Marana Communications Manager.

The push for a new police headquarters began in 2014. Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema told Town Manager Gilbert Davidson that the investment into a new police headquarters “isn’t about constructing a new building. This is about serving our town”.

The Council decided that the public wholeheartedly supported the project. Town staff didn’t receive a single complaint from the public.  Construction is expected to be complete by summer 2018.
Town of Marana broke ground on a new police HQ –

And in Oro Valley we have a new town manager to welcome into the fold!

Oro Valley hires new town manager Oro Valley Town Council hired a new town manager Tuesday, May 30.

Mary Jacobs, who is now working as an assistant city manager in Sierra Vista, will start her new job Sept. 5.

The decision to hire Jacobs, which received unanimous support from council, comes nearly one year after former town manager Greg Caton returned to his native Colorado. Since last June Oro Valley Police Department Chief of Police Daniel Sharp has served as interim town manager.

Jacobs has worked as Sierra Vista’s first assistant city manager for nearly two decades. Jacobs said she did not apply for the position during its initial search primarily because her daughter was still in high school. The town opened the position to a second search with CPS-HR Consulting and, with her daughter heading off to college in Chicago, Jacobs said she knew the time was right for a change.

“Tucson has always been my home,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, I love Sierra Vista and it will always have a special place in my heart. Now I’m back in the Tucson metro area and I have a lot of knowledge about Arizona, the Tucson economy and connections within the state because of my long tenure. I just felt that it would be a good fit, and that I could really bring a lot to the town of Oro Valley.” Via

So yeah, lots of stuff going on around the Tucson area on top of all the garage door repairs that have been keeping me hopping like a frog on hot asphalt.  But remember, I’m never too busy to take your call when you have problems with your garage door.  John’s Garage Doors is here to help you!  (520) 989-0381


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Oro Valley April News from John’s Garage Doors

  • April 18, 2017

This is the kind of thing that really makes me angry.  I know I’m not alone – anyone that hears about, much less comes into contact with low-life scam artists like this will naturally get angry.  But because it’s a “home services” type of offering like the garage door services I offer here in Oro Valley that this bonehead used, I feel particularly offended.

One arrested in connection with Oro Valley landscaping scam

Authorities have made an arrest in a landscaping scam Tucson News Now first told you about earlier this month.

As we reported on Thursday, April 6, the OVPD had been investigating reports of a scam from the Copper Creek neighborhood near Tangerine and La Canada, as well as several more in Pima County.

Lt. Curtiss Hick said the OVPD received reports of a man going door to door offering to do yard work for an upfront price.

Stephen Williams, one of the victims in the scam, said he paid the suspect $200 to clean up weeds but the man took the money and left before finishing the job.

Susann Miller with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona said home improvement scams were the number one scam in 2016. She said homeowners should get additional quotes on yard work and get it in writing.
One arrested in connection with Oro Valley landscaping scam – Tucson News Now

Clearly others have suffered worse than me, such as Stephen Williams mentioned in the article who is out $200.  But still, when guys like me work our butts off doing good, honest work and offering a fair price, then some joker like this puts a big dose of extra heavy skepticism in our good communities… it’s just frustrating!  Dude – just do the work you’re getting paid for, earn an honest dollar and everyone will be better off!  And we won’t need to tax our legal system, which will hopefully work well and make you pay your price for these actions to our neighbors.

Speaking of the legal system and the police department, we had some sad news the other day.  While I didn’t know Mr. Wolff personally, I did hear from some people who have been in Oro Valley longer than me who had nothing but good things to say about the man.  You served honorably, Mr. Wolff.  You’ll be missed.

Werner S. Wolff, former police chief of Oro Valley, dies at 87 S. Wolff, who served as the Oro Valley police chief for nearly 17 years and on the Oro Valley Town Council for four years after that, died Saturday.

He was 87 years old.

Wolff was hired as the police chief in January 1983 after serving 21 years with the Tucson Police Department, including 15 years in narcotics, according to Star archives.

When he joined, the Oro Valley department had four patrol officers and no investigators. It was headquartered in a former four-bedroom house at 680 W. Calle Concordia.

Wolff retired from the department that year and was elected to the Oro Valley Town Council in May of 2000, where he served until 2004.

He was vice mayor on the council from 2003 to 2004.

Some frustrating news that ends well (they got the guy), and some sad news about the end of one of our great friends and neighbors here in Oro Valley.  I didn’t intend to post a ‘downer’ today, but keeping the community informed of important things, good and bad, is important.

I hope the rest of your week is very, very good!  And if you or anyone you know is in need of garage door repair or maintenance, please consider calling me!  520 989-0381

Garage Door Repair in Marana

  • March 2, 2017

Quality Garage Door Repair in Marana

garage door opener goes up but not down Marana how much are garage door repairs Marana replacing garage side door Marana Arizona garage door opner Marana Arizona

Marana, AZ

For those living northwest of Tucson, if you find yourself needing garage door repairs in or around Marana, there's a great chance you'll look online for somebody who does "garage door repair in Tucson". That's fine ... they're most likely willing to drive to you in Marana. The thing you might ask yourself though (or ask them), is how long will it take them? If you’re locked out of your house because your garage is your only access, (or if your vehicle is stuck inside the garage and you can’t get to work), you most likely want someone there As Soon As Possible!

John’s Garage Doors provides repair and maintenance service throughout Tucson and surrounding areas. But the thing is, I live in the northwest part of town and Marana is my backyard - it's where I do the majority of my work. That means there’s an excellent chance I'm not far from you and I can come over sooner than later and get your garage door working once again.

Marana is Served by "Tucson John's" Garage Doors
for the Following Problems You May be Facing:

  • Garage Door Spring Replacement
  • Door Panel Repair / Replacement
  • Track Repair / Replacement
  • Garage Door Opener Installation
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Roller Repair / Replacement
  • Door Rebalancing
  • Fixing Noisy Doors

Whether there's a problem with the garage door opener or you have a damaged torsion spring, I'm ready and equipped to come help you right away!

Obviously prompt service isn’t the only thing that matters… You need someone that you can depend on to not just get the job done right, but to be sincere with you about what is wrong and what it will cost to get things working properly.

I’ve been working in the garage door repair business for over 25 years, so I’ve pretty much seen it all and know how to quickly fix pretty much any problem that comes up. It doesn’t matter if it’s an issue with a cable, a torsion spring, tracks, rollers or panels, I’ll diagnose and quote you a fair price very quickly. Since I run such a small operation, (it’s just me, John the owner), my costs are low and I pass those savings on to my customers. That keeps customers happy and me busy with referrals!

When I show up to work on your garage door problem, you’re not going to see a big fancy truck with a custom paint job (just on the tailgate like you see here). You will not see my name on TV or up on billboards all around the Old Pueblo either. I have grown my business through hard work, fair pricing and strong word of mouth advertising and referrals.

I'm positive that a single service call by me at John’s Garage Doors will be the only call you'll need to make to get your garage door working once again.

Affordable Garage Door Repair in Marana

Video Transcript

If you're looking for affordable garage dooor service in Marana, why not call a neighbor? John's Garage Door repair is nearby and ready to help you!As the owner / operator of the business, you'll get John himself doing the work on your garage. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can rest assured he knows what he's doing.Combine that with the low overhead of a small operation, you not only get super skilled and knowledgeable workmanship, but you get it at the best price anywhere in the greater Tucson area.If you're in or around Marana, Call John today at (520) 989-0381 or visit us online at

Broken Garage Door Spring? Call "Marana (John) Mucciacciaro"!

What might surprise many people is that a broken garage door spring is a common occurrence.  It's really not a question of if it's going to happen to your garage door, but when.

Garage door springs help to raise these massive doors that can weigh in at 400 pounds (as well as lower them under control).  As you can imagine, these springs are under a lot of tension and have a typical lifespan of around 10,000 cycles (meaning opening/closing your garage door 10,000 times).  At some point, they just give out and break.

When that happens, it really is best to simply call a nearby professional to take care of things for you.  Some people opt for the DIY approach, but considering the hassle and danger of the installation as well as possibly doing it incorrectly, ask yourself if it's really worth it?  

Being that I live so close to Marana, I can usually respond to a repair call very quickly.  The best thing you can do is just pick up the phone and give me a call and check!  

Call me today for the best, most affordable garage door repair in Marana!
(520) 989-0381

Q&A: Are One Piece Garage Doors Safe?

John Mucciacciaro - Owner and operator of Tucson's best, most affordable garage door repair service, John's Garage Doors.


or call (520) 989-0381

You can also call me at:

(520) 989-0381

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating for John's Garage Doors
Yelp showing great reviews
Servicing all brands of garage doors and openers

Garage Door Spring Replacement in Oro Valley

  • February 28, 2017

Oro Valley Garage Door Spring ReplacementI spend a lot of time repairing garage doors in Oro Valley, and much of that involves replacing broken torsion springs. It’s a common problem with garage doors and totally normal since they will eventually wear out from all that opening and closing that they do, so don’t feel bad. They’ll all break eventually.

As many spring replacements as I do, it doesn’t compare to the number of questions I get about them from people all over the Tucson area. So I thought I would start putting some of the more frequently asked questions together here as a reference. If you can’t find the answer here, always feel free to give me a call at (520) 989-0381, or use the form on this page to send me an email. I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Springs

Q: Where can I buy a garage door spring replacement for my home?

A: Garage door springs are not the kind of spring that you find at a local hardware store. They are uniquely built for the heavy use of opening and closing a door that can sometimes weigh upwards of 400 pounds, and needs to do so many times a day, nearly every day. Not only that, but different doors are different sizes and weights, so this is definitely a case of “one size does NOT fit all.”

Use the correct sized, well built garage door spring

garage door springs Made in the USA, right here in ArizonaMaking sure you are not only using the correct sized spring, but also a well made spring is crucial to the longevity of a properly working automatic garage door. And even more importantly, it’s critical to the safety of anyone who is around your home.

The garage door springs that I provide for all my customers are not only made right here in the United States, but they’re made right here in Arizona. You can’t get any better than that! Plus, my prices are very reasonable. I can honestly say that if you get a better price than what I offer, you might not be getting the best quality, safest spring you could. I aim to deliver top quality at an unbeatable price for my customers. And since it’s just me, John, my costs are low and those savings get passed right along to you, my customers and neighbors in Oro Valley and all around Tucson.

Q: How Should I Know What Replacement Spring To Use?

A: OK, so you really want to do this yourself? At the very least here’s what I would share with you as far as finding the right spring. If you feel mightily capable (and confident) that you can do the job on your own, here are some of the important things that you should check before buying a garage door spring replacement:

Simple measurements for your garage door spring replacement

  1. Length of the broken garage door spring (measure both sides)
  2. Inside diameter of your garage door springs (the hollow space inside the garage door springs)
  3. Thickness gauge of your garage door spring wire

A simple ruler, pen and paper can get this job done. However, the actual replacement WILL definitely need more than that. And again, for your own safety and those around you, I sincerely think you should have a professional take care of this for you (even if it’s not me!) Hope that helps!

Q: Garage Door Opener Will Close But Not Open?

I’m having some issues with my garage door. The opener will close the door as it’s supposed to, but it will no longer open it. The motor seems to be working fine and the chain is in place and not broken. However when it tries to re-open the door, it just clicks and clicks as it tries (unsuccessfully) to open the door again. Maybe there’s a part that needs to be replaced in the motor? Or do you think I need to replace the entire opener?

Proper Springs and Correct Balancing of your Garage Door

A: Most likely you are looking at two different problems. First, the clicking you’re hearing is coming from the teeth in the carriage that are stripped (or nearly stripped). So that part will need to be replaced.

Secondly, it definitely sounds like the springs need to be adjusted. If you were to try to open the garage door manually, you would probably find that it takes more effort than it should (if it were well balanced). That means that the springs aren’t doing what they’re supposed to do and the garage door opener is working much harder than it needs to or should be. Without addressing the issue with the springs, you’ll probably have the same problem again sooner than you would like. On the other hand, getting things fixed and set up right means you should have many years of hassle free use from your garage door. Call me and I’ll be happy to come have a look and get things right for you.

Buying a New Garage Door Opener

  • February 26, 2017

While I do a lot of repairs on things like broken garage door springs, I also do a fair bit of installing new garage door openers.  Because of this, I do tend to get a lot of questions about what I recommend.  In fact, I recently had a conversation with a Saddlebrooke homeowner needing a new garage door opener, and I kind of gathered my thoughts and decided to share it here so others can reference it.

What Brand of Garage Door Opener To Buy

For those in the market for a new garage door opener, here is my personal/professional opinion:

Top quality garage door opener - LiftMaster 8550During our years of experience we have sold, installed or serviced/repaired pretty much every brand on the market. The truth is, there’s really only a few major manufacturers that produce the units and then label them differently according to quality. For example, Chamberlain is the parent company and makes a lower cost (but lower quality) unit simply labeled “Chamberlain” which is sold at Sears and such places. They also produce a professional line labeled “LiftMaster” that can only be purchased from professional dealers. There is quite a difference in quality of the unit – the old saying “you get what you pay for.” Units purchased from professional door companies will cost more but it is for good reason.

As for my opinion of the best – Chamberlain – no question. If you save up a little bit more and get the LiftMaster brand (made by Chamberlain) then you’re at the top. I’m sorry to disagree but brands such as Genie or Stanley are on the bottom of my list for quality – I believe Chamberlain makes the best low-budget model available.

As for the drive type – a word of caution. We advise all of our customers to stay away from screw drives. We even have a screw drive model (by liftmaster) that we carry and we still advise our customers not to buy it. Our experience has shown that screw drive models (especially on larger doors) will begin to cause trouble long before a chain or belt driven model will.

If you get a chance, find some places where you can actually see some of the different brands (neighbors’ houses or family members’ perhaps). Check out how differently they are made and just how sturdy and strong some of them are NOT. I think you’ll agree that even the lower cost Chamberlain model is put together a little better than the rest. Put it this way – we have to put our good name behind what we sell and install so we don’t want to have customers complaining because (a) we sold them junk or (b) we’re always having to fix what we installed for them – we gladly sell and install LiftMaster/Chamberlain

Hope this helps you!

Beautiful February Weekend in Oro Valley

  • February 24, 2017

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon here in Tucson and we’re getting ready for a great weekend here in Oro Valley.  Do you have your plans set already?  If not, I thought you might be interested in some fun things going on that will get you outside to enjoy this incredible weather.

Spring Festival of the Arts returning to Oro Valley this weekend of the largest and most captivating arts festivals found anywhere in Southern Arizona is soon to make a return to Oro Valley when the Southern Arizona Arts & Cultural Alliance (SAACA) hosts the Spring Festival of the Arts this Friday and Saturday, Feb. 25 and 26.

The free event, which will take place at the Oro Valley Marketplace, 12155 N. Oracle Road, will feature dozens of artists, exhibitors and food vendors – both local and visiting – which collectively offer a sample of the art, culture and cuisine for which the region is well known.

In addition to craft vendors and artists’ booths, another one of the southwest’s most well known cultural pastimes will be on display at the festival: the rodeo. Strolling performances will make their way through the crowds; including cowboy, western and instrumental performances.  Free children’s activities will also be available. read more at

Looking at the weather forecast, it seems we’re good to go with pretty much anything you have planned around Tucson.  this is what people move here for!  (and stay here)

Tucson weather: Dry conditions continue through Sunday skies and dry conditions continue through Sunday, although temperatures are still a little on the cooler side, hovering around the mid-60s.

Valley rain and mountain snow are expected to roll into town Monday through Tuesday, with dry conditions returning Wednesday, along with warmer temps! read more at

Want more good news neighbors?  It seems that we’re in one of the better parts of Arizona when it comes to the real estate market.  That’s definitely encouraging to hear…

About the only thing that could put a damper on the next few days is if your garage door suddenly quit working… At least if that happens, you know who to call (right?!?!)  Call John’s Garage Doors at (520) 989-0381 and I’ll take care of you!


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