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With over 30 years of working in the garage door repair and installation business, a few years ago I decided it was finally time to do things the way *I* think they should be done instead of how someone else tells me to do it. Being a perfectionist, I would rather take the extra time to make sure something is done right rather than trying to get the maximum number of customers in my book in a given day. In order to make sure I was delivering the kind of quality workmanship that met my high standards, I realized I would have to work for myself. And so I started John’s Garage Doors here in Tucson.

Quality over Quantity and Value over Volume

My company is not the biggest in Tucson. In fact, it couldn’t be much smaller! It’s mostly just me, John the Garage Door Guy.  I answer the phone and do most of the actual repairs myself (though I do have a highly skilled, personally vetted technician to help me too). In this way I know you will get all attention you deserve applied to whatever garage door issue you may be having. I know you’ll never be told that you need to replace something that could be repaired, or that you’ll be sold the wrong part.

Is this the smartest way to grow a business? Maybe not, but I sincerely believe it’s the best solution for you, my customers.

It ensures you’ll get top quality service at an affordable price since my overhead is minimal. And when I believe I have the best solution for a situation, I’m not going to cut any corners just to make a few more bucks. You can ask any of my five daughters or nine grandchildren about whether I stick to my word. While I’m sure they’ll all agree, you might get some funny stories out of them too.

While most jobs are handled by just me, there are certain times when additional help is necessary, such as installing new garage doors (which I gave up doing a few years ago). When such a situation comes up, I have an excellent working relationship with some of the other garage door companies here in Tucson and we help each other out whenever needed. So don’t think your job is too big to call little ol’ John… I’ve got help on hand too!

New Customers! This is how you can save an extra ​$20 off my already low prices!

I respect that people take the time to research who they’re going to have do their garage door repair, and I’m always honored and grateful when they give me a chance to earn their business. To show my gratitude to (potential) new customers, I’ll offer an extra ​$20 off my already low prices if you tell me how many kids and grand-kids I have in total** (I mention it above).

**  I know how many I have… it’s just that it’ll show me that you took the time to read up a bit on me before picking up the phone.

Better Business Bureau A+ Rating for John's Garage Doors
William Lopez - Lead Garage Door Technician

Will Lopez
 - New owner and operator of Tucson's best, most affordable garage door repair service, John's Garage Doors.

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